• Alpine Estate Avonside 1
    Alpine Estate Avonside 1
  • Amazing Winter
    Amazing Winter
  • Morning delight
    Morning delight
  • Lounge Kitchen
    Lounge Kitchen
  • Downstairs En-suite
    Downstairs En-suite
  • Dining/Kitchen Room (table extends)
    Dining/Kitchen Room (table extends)
  • Upstairs bedroom 2
    Upstairs bedroom 2
  • Upstairs bathroom
    Upstairs bathroom
  • master Bedroom (Down Stairs)
    master Bedroom (Down Stairs)
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge with Fireplace
    Lounge with Fireplace
  • Upstairs bedroom 2 (can be Singles or Queen)
    Upstairs bedroom 2 (can be Singles or Queen)

Alpine Estate Avonside 1

This beautiful self catered 3 bedroom Cabin sleeps six and can be set up to your configurations (prior to arrival). The decor is modern Scandinavian with a Australian touch. The fireplace and fire pits are fully stocked with wood and in winter our heated floors will keep you truly warm. The kitchen is fully equipped, however if you rather have a level of catering please let us know prior to your arrival as ready meals can be arranged. The cabin is 100% off grid using only solar and is extremely Eco friendly and if you wish you understand the technologies behind the build please do let us know. All our waste is handled on site and all none recyclables are composted using worms, so please no plastics, sanitary products or baby wipes can be put into the toilet. As this is a farm stay, if your wish to have a tour, including feeding animal, please do arrange prior to arrival. Should you wish any assistance with any part of our stay, including recommendations for other places to visit, we have an extensive knowledge of our surrounding - so please do ask us.



  • All linen and towels are provided


  • BBQ
  • Courtyard
  • Dishwasher & Microwave
  • Fireplace - Combustion
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Heated pathways
  • Heating - underfloor in bathroom
  • Heating - underfloor throughout
  • Parking - 2 spaces
  • Parking - 3 spaces
  • TV


    This property has the following bedding configurations available.

    Bedding Option 1
    • Double Beds: 2
    • Single Beds: 2
    Bedding Option 2
    • Double Beds: 1
    • Single Beds: 4
    • Overall Rating - 9.9
    • Would you stay at the property again ? - 100%
    • How do you rate the cleanliness of the property on arrival ? - 10
    • Did the property meet your expectations in comparison to the internet ? - 9.5
    • How do you rate your property with regards to "value for money" - 10
    • How did you rate the booking process ? - 9.5
    • If you spoke with one of our consultants during the booking process, how do you rate their knowledge on our properties. - 10
    • Would you recommend Thredbo Accommodation & Reservations to Family and or friends ? - 100%
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